Monday, April 11, 2011


How about "Vestiges" for a line of jewelry I was originally planning to call "Relics"?

Big Hollow Beads

I'm taking an online class from Christine Dumont at All Over Creation who also does Voila! She has done a great job with the videos, and the forum discussions with other participants have been terrific.  We are all doing the class at the same time so we can learn from each other.  Here is my first big hollow bead:
It is about 34mm or 1 and 1/3 inches

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Brilliant Sister

My sister is a wonderful lampwork artist and she's also very smart.  She came up with this terrific idea for holding cords and ribbons, and I'm using it to hold chains.  It's a pants hanger!  The arms swing out making it very easy to put items on or take them off.

Here is a link to my sister's Artfire store:

Faux Metal Necklace

I'm working on a line of jewelry (jewellery for Canadians and others) featuring distressed faux metal and other ancient-looking materials like faux stone and ivory.  I was planning to call it "Relics" but an artist recently featured on Polymer Clay Daily is already using that name so I'm searching for another title.  Here is a prototype for a necklace - the top layer of "copper" is peeled back to reveal woven strips of faux silver and brass.  The copper chain is real but everything else including the screws is clay.