Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My new tent

Some of the best shows in my area are outdoors, so I have made the investment in a tent.  Not just any pop-up for me.  No, I splurged on a LightDome tent that is actually waterproof instead of merely water resistant.  My one experience with a typical pop-up tent supplied by a show organizer was disastrous - it started leaking profusely as soon as it started raining.  My husband and I put the tent together for the first time yesterday and I'm happy to say there was a minimum of yelling and swearing.  The tent is quite tall so hubby's 6'6" height was a major advantage.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Flower Shawl Sticks

I've been away from home for about three weeks caring for my 90-year-old mother.  While I was at her house, I did manage to do a bit of claying and here are the results:  shawl sticks which can also be used as hair sticks.

The pansies or violas are colored with Genesis Heat Set Oils and the flowers below are colored with soft pastels.

This is the display I will use to show them off at craft shows: