Tuesday, October 13, 2015

and yet another adventure...

Here is a Craft Show problem I never thought about: laryngitis.  I had it bad for 3 days out of a four-day show.  I had a cold last week that went away but left me with a frequent cough.  I coughed so much that I developed a severe case of laryngitis and was unable to speak above a whisper.  Because polymer clay is unfamiliar to most people, I need to be able to explain it, plus I like engaging with potential customers, something I think helps me sell my products.  To explain my mute condition, I made a little sign explaining that I had laryngitis which caused people to giggle and/or commiserate. And for some strange reason, when I whispered "Hello," folks would whisper back to me.  I didn't sell as much as usual, and I think it is because I couldn't communicate.  That, and the fact that some people thought I must be contagious and hurried out of the tent.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Another adventure in Craft Show Land

If it's not one thing, it's another.  This time it was dust.  Lots and lots of very fine dust seeping into every nook and cranny of every display and piece of jewelry.  I didn't realize how bad the dust was until someone purchased one of my pendants.  When I lifted it out of the display box, there was a white spot left where the pendant had been!.  I suddenly realized that everything in my tent was coated in brown dust.

The show in question was located in southern Ontario in a lovely setting with lots of trees shading the tents.  The problem was that the grounds were dirt covered with a kind of mulch.  As the thousands of people marched through, clouds of dust arose and floated all around.

It took me almost three days to clean up my displays and jewelry.  Every piece had to be washed or at least brushed off, and all the black velvet busts and display forms had to be vacuumed.  Don't think I'll be doing this show again.