Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is this better?

I took the photo of my pendant into Photoshop and flipped the dancer so she is facing the other direction.  I think is better.  It seems to have a better rhythm.

Ancient Dancer

I have been away from clay for quite awhile, first because I was ill with some nasty flu-like virus that wouldn't go away and then because I had to rush off to Florida to find an assisted living home for my father.  That took most of May, but now I'm back home and eager to spend time in the studio.

An image for a pendant popped into my head one day and I managed to create it in clay.  Now I can't decide if I like it.   It is an image transfer on an inner layer covered by faux sandstone.  The window is supposed to look like it was chiseled out of the stone.   Please tell me what you think.