Tuesday, October 13, 2015

and yet another adventure...

Here is a Craft Show problem I never thought about: laryngitis.  I had it bad for 3 days out of a four-day show.  I had a cold last week that went away but left me with a frequent cough.  I coughed so much that I developed a severe case of laryngitis and was unable to speak above a whisper.  Because polymer clay is unfamiliar to most people, I need to be able to explain it, plus I like engaging with potential customers, something I think helps me sell my products.  To explain my mute condition, I made a little sign explaining that I had laryngitis which caused people to giggle and/or commiserate. And for some strange reason, when I whispered "Hello," folks would whisper back to me.  I didn't sell as much as usual, and I think it is because I couldn't communicate.  That, and the fact that some people thought I must be contagious and hurried out of the tent.

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