Thursday, March 13, 2008

My First Vessel

TA DA! Here it is:

my first vessel ever. This is one of the three I started in Seth Savarick's class. Not bad for my first mokume gane and first attempt at a vessel, but I know I can do better. It should have a cord attached to make it wearable, but I don't think I will bother. The turquoise clay had some plaque that I didn't notice until it was baked. And I don't care for the TLS surface over the mokume gane. It is still too cloudy for my taste even though I used a heat gun on it. My TLS is old and a bit thick, so I don't think the coats I applied were thin enough. I'll try the Fimo Gel on a future project. It came out much clearer in my tests.


  1. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! Well done! I love the colors and the MG. Can't wait to see more! I want to see the egg shaped one. Let me know when its done.


  2. I think it is wonderful and sure doesn't look like a first attempt. I think the plaquing gives the turquoise character.

  3. It's beautiful, love the colours.