Friday, December 4, 2009

My colorful mood

Everyone seems to be thinking about color these days.  Like everybody else in the clay world, I'm doing some of the exercises in Polymer Clay Color Inspirations by Haunani and Maggio, but in addition, I decided to mix up some colors from the recipes I've collected through my subscription to Cindy Lietz's Polymer Clay Tutor service.  Each week she sends out three recipes, two for people who get her free weekly newsletter (To receive this newsletter automatically by email each week, you can fill out the opt-in form at: ) plus another one for paid members of her Bead Making Video Library.  I made 66 color chips, wrote the recipes on the back and put holes in the corner so I can keep them on a wire.  I like having individual chips so I can move them around and see how different colors work with each other.  Some of these are yummy and I can't wait to use them in a project.

In addition to the color recipes, Video Library members get a new video each week showing a clay technique or a project.  This week the video shows how to make extruded flower canes.  At only $3.32 per month, it's hard to pass up this great service.


  1. How fun to see all the color recipes in a big pile like that! Looks like you have been busy.I am so glad that you are enjoying the membership and are getting great value from it. That means a lot to me!

    PS. Your new puppy Molly looks adorable! You must be crazy about her! :-)

  2. I do almost the same thing as you except I have a "recipe" book where I put color chips in with my recipe and code them with a number. The colors I like to use the most I make a separate larger chip with my recipe # on the back so I can play around with them as well to mix and match my colors.

  3. I just hopped into your site for the first time. I'm so glad I did today to see all your color samples and how your saving them. I have been trying to learn polymer clay on my own - I just signed up for Cindy Lietz monthly newletter thanks to you. I'll be back to visit !

  4. Yes you are right everyone does seem to be thinking of colour. I have never really thought about it much before and just picked up the colours I like, never really bothered to mix them.

    I too am working (slowly) through Color Inspirations and now find myself dreaming of colours! I also get the Cindy Leitz video newsletter but don't work with Premo so haven't made up any of her recipes. I love her palletes though and will try and recreate some of them one day....

  5. "The world is a carousel of colors..." I mixed some clay today using Maggie Maggio's system. I like this method best. I can 'somewhat' control the amount of clay that gets mixed. I love Cindy Lietz's color palettes, but sometimes the parts require you to mix large amounts of clay. Just today I worked on organizing my data files. I decided to save all the recipes together with a picture of the palette. I went back through Cindy's blog and found the pictures of the color palettes. Then I renamed all the color recipes so that they would be with the palette image. I think now when I look through the computer for a color the picture will be close by. I am going to post a picture on my blog, if you like to take a peek.