Saturday, November 6, 2010

Crushed Velvet Earrings

I had to take a little break from clay and electroforming to do some sewing. DH and I planned to go to a Halloween party dressed as a Maharajah and Maharani. We both have the whole outfits, mine being a beautiful red sari with gold metallic thread which I bought in India quite a few years ago. When I tried it on I discovered I had, ahem, "outgrown" the blouse, and not in a good way. So, when all the local Indian clothing stores (there are a lot in the greater Toronto area) declined to sell me a blouse without buying a sari too, I had to make one in a hurry. I finished just in time to get dressed for the party and, unfortunately, didn't manage to take a photo.

At one of our Southern Ontario Polymer Clay Guild meetings, we learned a technique called Crushed Velvet.  I really like the mica shift effect and I've made some post earrings using it.


  1. I love these. What a great look. Now hoow do you do it?

  2. It is a mica shift technique. You use clay with lots of mica, put it through the pasta machine to align the mica, cut it into tiny strips, wad it up into a block and then slice it.