Monday, December 6, 2010

My new tool rack

I have a really bad habit of putting down tools everywhere but where they are supposed to be, and if it isn't VERY easy for me to put them away, they can be lost for days.  Since I have accumulated quite a few pliers, I decided it was time to get some kind of holder.  I tried the flat kind with the two rows of  holes for the handles, but a lot of the pliers wouldn't stand up in that.  Since I couldn't find anything else, I decided to make my own.  Not bad for about 3 hours of work - just don't look too closely.  It even has a bottom but it is a thin piece of white melamine and doesn't show up against the white background.


  1. What a great tool holder!
    Hey, it doesn't have to be perfect if it does what it is supposed to do and hold your tools.)

  2. Thanks, Sandra. It was fun to make.


  3. Very nice! Makes access nice and tidy and puts them right in your reach. KUDOS!