Friday, January 14, 2011

More Biker Chic - Woven Faux Leather

I fell in love with these woven leather shoes and decided I needed some tough, biker-style earrings to go with them.  The earrings are all clay including the studs.  They are about one and a half inches in diameter.  I need to find a big, rusty chain to hang them from next time I photograph them.

The inspiration, and yes, I do wear them.

It took a long time to lay out the woven strips just right so that I could cut out a circle and not have any gaps in the outside edge.


  1. Patinate your copper chain with liver of sulfur; it'll come out nearly black and you can burnish it with a piece of denim to a smooth, slightly satiny finish. Looks great with leather.

  2. Your leather looks really good Cynthia and could hardly believe the studs were clay too! The earrings are a perfect match for the shoes (love those too). I've been working on faux leather myself but in the more country western style and discovered how much fun it can be. It is so cool how the clay can imitate so many things!