Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thing a Day- Feb 9, 2011

Today I discovered Kato Polyclay's Facebook page (click on the name to go there).  Donna Kato and Tony Aquino are thinking of adding some more colors to their line and they are looking for suggestions.

Also, Donna posted some new color formulas using Kato Pearl, Translucent and the Concentrate colors.  So far she has posted two sets.  I decided to try one of the red colors and made a sample square plus some triangular pieces which will be made into earrings.  This color is 1 part Pearl, 1 part Translucent and 1/2 part Red Concentrate.

The one thing that has kept me from switching entirely to Kato Clay is the translucent.  I did some tests a couple of years ago and Kato was the least translucent of the major brands and it had a yellowish cast.  Premo with bleach was the best.  My Kato translucent is pretty old so I'm going to get some of the most recent translucent to see if the reformulations have made any difference.  And I may try this formula again without the translucent to see the difference.

Sample of mica shift

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  1. Thanks for the link Cynthia. I didn't know about that fb page either. My only complaint with the color recipes they shared is I do not like using the concentrates as they are very hard and crumbly and not to mention expensive. Not sure if they have bigger blocks but Shades only has the mini bars.