Monday, November 14, 2011

Spray Box

I've been using Preserve Your Memories II (PYMII) to seal objects covered in mica powder but the fumes are intolerable.  It's usually too windy to spray outside where I live and today it is pouring rain, so I had to devise a way to spray inside without suffocating myself.  My solution is a spray box, shown below.  I took a large cardboard box and cut two holes in the side.  Then, using good old duct tape, I attached two long rubber gloves through the holes.  It is sort of like the containers scientists use to handle dangerous substances.  Then I put a piece of clear plexiglass on top of the box so I can see what I'm doing.  I lift the top, put the objects to be sprayed in the box, lower the top, insert my hands into the gloves and spray.  It's not completely air tight, but it reduces the fumes to a tolerable level.  I think I will put some cling wrap on the underside of the plexiglass, so if it gets coated in spray eventually, I can just change the cling wrap.

Inside of the box


  1. That is a great idea Cynthia! Unfortunately I have to spray my stuff outdoors and keep it out there until the smell is totally gone as my dear hubby is so sensitive to any of the smell. I have sheltered my things under a large umbrella once when I was so desperate for time and it wouldn't stop raining for days!

  2. Great idea Cynthia. We really do need to take care of our health and this idea is so simple. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. That is awesome! What a clever, resourceful solution, I like your can-do attitude, very inspiring, sometimes it can be discouraging when outside factors like weather don't cooperate but this goes to show when there's a will there's a way! Love it!

  4. HI Cynthia,
    you just joined the fun with big brother group and mentioned polymer clay pins, I had to come look!! They are adorable, and great job on the spray box, what a great idea!!

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