Sunday, October 16, 2011

Exploring southern Wisconsin

I've been in southern Wisconsin for the past couple of days and was lucky to be here during the Fall Art Tour taking place in the area including Mineral Point, Spring Green and Baraboo.  Forty-four artists opened their studios to the public for three days.  The area covered was large - over 45 miles from one end of the tour to the other - but it was a lovely fall weekend and I enjoyed driving through the farmland even though the fall colors had already departed.  There were many excellent artists, but I restricted my purchases to one nice pair of earrings. 
An old mill I found while driving around.

My main reason for coming here a couple of days before my class was to see Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright's home.  It was definitely worth the extra time.  I took the four hour Estate Tour and got to walk around the estate and see several of the structures and learn about the life of the architecture students who came to live, work and study with Mr. Wright.  The setting, in the midst of farmland, is spectacular.  Wright said he became successful when he was able to "own his view".

One nice part of the Estate Tour is being able to approach the house on foot and see it from different perspectives. 

No photos are allowed of the inside of the house which is just as well since it would be difficult to do it justice.  Wright said his work was about the "space" and he felt there was no way to capture the sense of space in a photograph.  His sense of "human scale" was a bit strange - anyone over 5'10" will bump their head in several locations due to the low ceilings in parts of the house.

Now I'm off to Carol Simmons' Kaleidoscope Cane class.

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